Isaac Gelman


I'm Isaac I grew up in San Diego and moved to Los Angeles to study at USC. I'll be completing a BS + MS in applied/computational math and electrical engineering at USC in May 2022.

I was previously a product engineer and ML intern at Dragonfruit AI. I also researched RL in computational pathology at the Larry Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and computational epigenomics (methylation) at the USC Smith Lab.

I enjoy studying applied probability theory, algorithms, and emerging technologies.

Fun stuff: teaching myself guitar, skiing ◆◆, rucking, and Muay Thai. I spend much of my time hiking with friends and reading interesting books.

I started this website in December 2020 to learn how to build a website and to share writings, linked below.

Takeaways from Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails, Twitter discussion

On Iterating and Growth


Real World Risk Institute Certification (Aug 2020)

University of Southern California (Graduating 2022)
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Focus in Algorithms) GPA 3.9
B.S. Applied and Computational Mathematics GPA 3.9

Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling: 2nd place in USA
Mathematics Department Outreach Award
SOAR Undergraduate Research Award
Algorithms Research Assistant at Smith Computational Genomics Lab
Project and Curriculum Lead at CAIS++

You can reach me at